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Това е храмът на арменската патриаршия в Истанбул. Три метра стена, телена ограда, отгоре - бодлива тел. Обикалях отвсякъде, не може да се влезе.
Тези дни Конгресът на САЩ призна унищожението на арменци през 1915 г. за геноцид.

Ето мнения от страницата на BBC:

Asuman Yildirim, Istanbul, Turkey:

Does the US Congress think Turks are stupid? They pass such a bill, then say the American government is not against the Turkish government and that good relations will be maintained with Turkey. They don't know the Turks.
I condemn a committee which appears to have bowed to pressure from Armenian religious leaders.
I don't think the US should have the right to vote on other nations' problems or condemn a nation for what happened 90 years ago.
Armenians killed Turks and Kurds, and Turks and Kurds killed Armenians.
It was a war. Things like that happen in wartime.

Avadis Janiachian, Yerevan, Armenia:

The genocide is a fact that cannot be denied.
It was planned and conducted very coolly under the nose of, and probably with the approval of, Europe in 1915.
What is surprising now is to see that the most powerful nation in the world got scared by Turkey, after its lawmakers took this decision.
France made the same judgement with dignity and honour.
Turkey was allied initially in both world wars with Germany and played its role quite dexterously, changing sides.
It will be interesting to see if that will happen again as a result of this ruling.

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