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Brussels Freezes EUR 50 M of Bulgaria's PHARE Funds

The European Commission has frozen EUR 50 M of PHARE program funds because of irregularities in the executive agencies, managing their absorption.
This was announced Thursday by Bulgaria's Deputy Finance Minister Dimitar Ivanovski. The Finance Ministry received on February 29 a letter from the EC regarding the freezing of the funds...
The Deputy Finance Minister Ivanovski explained that the annex of the letter from the head of the EC Enlargement Directorate Michael Lee contained the list of the specific projects for which the funds have been frozen.
Ivanovski also said that in the week between March 17 and March 21, a technical meeting would take place in the head office of the EC Enlargement Directorate in Brussels, at which the Bulgarian side was going to have the opportunity to present its position.



Pliny the Younger тo the Emperor Trajan (Letter 46)

The citizens of Nicomedia, Sir, have expended 3 000 329 sesterces in building an
aqueduct; but, not being able to finish it, the works are entirely
falling to ruin. They made a second attempt in another place,
where they laid out 2 000 000. But this likewise is
discontinued; so that, after having been at an immense charge to
no purpose, they must still be at a further expense, in order to be
accommodated with water. I have examined a fine spring from
whence the water may be conveyed over arches in such a manner that
the higher as well as the low parts of the city may be supplied...
But that this work may not meet with the same ill-success as the former,
it will be necessary to send here an architect, or some one skilled in the
construction of this kind of waterworks. And I will venture to say,
from the beauty and usefulness of the design, it will be an erection
well worthy the splendour of your times.

Trajan to Pliny (Letter 47)

Care must be taken to supply the city of Nicomedia with water;
and that business, I am well persuaded, you will perform with all
the diligence you ought. But really it is no less incumbent upon
you to examine by whose misconduct it has happened that such
large sums have been thrown away upon this, lest they apply the
money to private purposes, and the aqueduct in question, like the
preceding, should be begun, and afterwards left unfinished. You
will let me know the result of your inquiry.


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