Saint Theodore of Tyron

He lived during the time of Maximianos (286-305), Gallerius (305-311) and Maximinus (305-312). His origin was Choumialon of Amasia. He followed the military course in the order of the newly inducted ("tyron" means "newly inducted soldier") under the Praepositus Vrigas. For burning the heathen temple of Rea he was arrested and hung. Afterwards they rent his body and threw it into the fire. He has been numbered among the great-martyrs.


When offered bread and water, Theodore refused it, saying that Christ had promised him food from heaven. On coming before Publius for the second time, he was offered the post of high priest of the idols, at which he laughed, and assured the governor that he was ready to be cut in pieces for love of Christ. He was then hung by his heels while his body was lacerated with iron claws. But faced with the Saint’s indomitable resolution, the tormentors labored in vain, and the governor, fearing lest his example encourage other Christians, decided to be done with him; and he condemned him to be burnt to death. When they reached the stake, the Martyr took off his clothing and sent up a fervent prayer that God would strengthen the other confessors. He walked freely into the flames, which surrounded him but left him untouched as though wanting to do him obeisance. In the midst of this triumphal circlet, Saint Theodore gave back his soul to God with thanksgiving. The pious Eusebia ransomed his body, which she took to Euchaita. A church was built there in honor of the Martyr, who obtained healing of soul and body for many pilgrims who came to seek his intercession.


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